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Kind Cake Mission

Delicious cake without any animal ingredients! So good.
That's easy: our mission is to create delicious cake for all occasions without animal ingredients! That's it! Across the world, cake is a staple of celebrations, a wondrous concoction of simple ingredients, to magically make a soft, moist, sumptuous treat. At the Kind Cake Co our mission has always been to help our wonderful customers celebrate with their loved ones around a beautiful, and, above all, tasty cake that's completely vegan!
Why Vegan cakes?

Why Vegan cakes?

Vegan cakes are kinder cakes! For me, it was important to choose ingredients that don't involve farming of animals and birds. Animal agriculture is the biggest cause of animal suffering because we intensively raise and slaughter billions of animals and birds, not to mention fish, on the planet each year. That is orders of magnitude more individuals than there are human beings, and the conditions we subject them to are almost invariably terrible. I know it's a hard thing to consider, but it's the reality. Choosing a vegan cake means no animal was used in the making - in relation to cakes, that is mostly cows (butter, milk) and chickens (eggs). Over the years and the many thousands of cakes my customers have bought, we have saved tens of thousands of eggs and tonnes of butter and milk from being taken from cow and hen mums.

Our Story

From table to tummies
In 2013 I became vegan, to reduce the number of animal products I consumed, because I hate factory farming and because all animals value their lives as highly as we value ours. Back in 2013, as a big fan of cake, and of coffee shops, I discovered that there were not a huge number of high-quality choices for vegan cake lovers. After sampling vegan offerings in various shops and cafes, I thought, "I can do that!" and began to bake vegan cakes. The very first vegan cake I ever made was a chocolate cake, and I recall the feeling of amazement and revelation that it was actually possible make a cake without butter or eggs! In 2015, I set up a market stall in Hebden Bridge market, selling my vegan cakes and gradually widening my range. In 2016, I began to look for premises to open my own vegan cake shop. While searching, I spent the summer of 2016 running my own small pop-up vegan bistro, Shallot, in the centre of Hebden Bridge. In the autumn, I moved into shop premises in Mytholmroyd and opened My Kind of Cake - the previous incarnation of Kind Cake Co. I set up various social media profiles, one of which was @KindCakeCo. One day, my mother spotted the name and her face lit up - she said that's a great name for a cake company...! I agreed, and thenceforward the Kind Cake Co, it became - thanks, mum! In late 2017 the Kind Cake Co moved premises from Mytholmroyd to Hebden Bridge, and had lots of fun (and very hard work) supplying cakes, pies, waffles and many other vegan offerings from our little shop on Albert Street, with a fab small team of employees. However, I couldn't sustain the shop and sadly had to give it up. In 2022, the Kind Cake Co relocated back to Mytholmroyd. We now bake all your cakes from our dedicated vegan cake kitchen at 35 White Houses, on Burnley Road.